Welcome the Accounts Receivable Affiliate Program!

Using the Accounts Receivable nationwide collection program, you have the ability to start earning additional affiliate income now. As an affiliate we do not expect you to go out and spend thousands of dollars on print advertising or expensive adwords campaigns. Our Affiliate program allows you to utilize your business connections to earn money.

What Is Our Affiliate Program:

Unlike other affiliate programs, that expect you to outlay your time and money to generate leads or sales, the Accounts Receivable affiliate program is a free way to earn passive income based on your contacts and business relationships. The concept is simple, you refer associates who are in need of a debt collection agency. Those associates become clients of Accounts Receivable and you earn a percentage of the commissions earned on their accounts. There is no client maintenance, products to lug around or monthly and annual membership fees. You simply direct your associates to us and we do the rest. All you do is sit back and enjoy the commissions checks.

Everyone of you business associates can use a collection agency. Unfortunately if you have a business you are going to run into the issue of non paying customers. You get to be the solution for all of your business associates and friends. You are going to link your referrals to the nations leading debt collection agency and directly affect their bottom line in a positive way.

But it doesnt stop there. Within this dashboard, we provide you the tools to reach your associates, your friends and millions of other potential referrals. We have streamlined the process and made it simple for you to prosper at no cost to you. Explore every section of this dashboard so you can learn about all of the tools available to you. Leave no stone unturned and nothing on the table.

Using Your Connections To Make Money

Being an Accounts Receivable affiliate is simple. You are not pitching your associates and friends a product that they have to buy. Accounts Receivable is a nationwide collection agency that collects for companies on a contingency basis. This means that Accounts Receivable only charges a fee when a collection is made for a client. Your associates and friends have absolutely no risk in turning accounts over to collections because they will not owe any money to Accounts Receivable if we are unable to collect for them. The only potential outcome is that they are in the same position they are at right now, or they have money back in their pockets. While this is obviously a winning scenario for your associate, this is an even better opportunity for you! As an affiliate you are paid 5% of any fee generated from your referred clients. You earn commissions for the life of your clients, and the earning potential becomes exponentially greater as you refer more clients who continue to submit collection files. As more clients come on board from your referrals, your passive income will continue to grow. All that is required from you is to direct your associate to Accounts Receivable to procure a no risk service they already need. With the Accounts Receivable Affiliate Program, you are our greatest asset. Your hard work building relationships and developing business associates is the goldmine that we are looking to tap.

Multi Level Opportunities For The Multimillionaire Mindset

While the Accounts Receivable affiliate program is already an incredibly easy way to make large amounts of passive income, the opportunity is unmatched when you factor in the income potential of Multi Level Affiliates. With 5 tiers sub-affiliates paid out in the following tier. Your ability to earn from not only your own referrals, but also your sub affiliates referrals makes this a once in a lifetime opportunity for those looking to earn generational wealth:

  • Level One (You): 5% of Fee Earned
  • Level Two 3% of Fee Earned
  • Level Three 1% of Fee Earned
  • Level Four 1/2% of Fee Earned
  • Level Five 1/2% of Fee Earned