The First Step

Thank you for submitting your application to become an Accounts Receivable Affiliate. You have taken the first steps towards generating an additional revenue stream by putting your connections and business associations to work. Your application has been submitted to our team for review. You will receive a notification within the next 24 hours with our decision. We happily accept all applicants regardless of age, creed, religion, race, sexual orientation and experience level.

What Happens Now

Once your affiliate application is reviewed you will receive an email confirming your acceptance into our program. There will be a link for you to setup your password. Once your password is set you will be prompted to login to your affiliate dashboard.

What You Should Do.

Once you have completed the affiliate application, you should start making a list of your business associates and contacts. Debt collections is a service that every business needs, every one of your business associates is a potential revenue generating stream for you. You should also take inventory of your closest associates and business contacts that have them same revenue generating mindset as you do. These are going to be the contacts that you share our program with and push to sign up to be part of your affiliate team.