How Collection Agencies are Sharing the Load For Trucking Companies

There have been many developments in the trucking sector over the last 3 years. With shortages in drivers and looming technology such as self-driving vehicles just over the horizon, trucking companies, shippers and brokers are faced with a business landscape that is anything but steady. Fortunately, many trucking companies have found an unlikely ally in debt collection agencies. Many trucking companies run into issues of nonpayment or slow payment, an issue that can be devastating when fuel costs and repairs come at the least convenient time. Instead of haggling with late payers however, many trucking companies are outsourcing their collections to a third party debt collection agency like


These agencies are able to use their experience to obtain payment in all aspects of the modern trucking industry. By outsourcing their collection accounts, companies can focus their efforts and manhours into productive tasks to help the business grow. Collection agencies like also provide benefits to independent owner/operators who are often times pushed around by brokers and carriers. When a collection agency gets involved the broker or carrier will know that the independent owner/operator has an experienced ally that evens the playing field. Often times the involvement of a collection agency one time prevents accounts from ever going delinquent again.

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What makes collection agencies an even more attractive option for trucking companies is the fact that most only charge a fee when they are able to collect. only charges a small percentage of what they are able to recover. This makes using a collection agency much more cost effective than paying hourly retainers to law firms without any guarantee of success. When a claim does require litigation, reputable collection agencies like will leverage their network of collection attorneys to handle the claim. These attorneys are subcontracted by so clients don’t pay an hourly retainer. The attorneys that are a part of’s network are specialists that practice civil litigation and creditors rights law.


As the trucking industry changes all of its participants from brokers to independent owner/operators will need to adapt. Keeping up with this everchanging landscape is difficult enough and dealing with nonpaying customers adds stress and consumes time from the business. Partnering with a collection agency like allows trucking companies to focus on adaption and growth.

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